At Parkview K9, we offer truly bespoke training which is specific to you, your dog, and your circumstances. We’re here to prove that any each and every dog can be motivated and trained, to become the very best they can be.



Each of our training packages are customised to the requirements of you, and your dog.

Basic Training Session

Perfect for those looking to work on basic obedience such as heelwork, recall and loose leash walking.

Book Session - £175

Half-Day Training Session

Our recommendation for most of the moderate behavioural issues such as reactivity and separation anxiety.

Book Session - £245

Full-Day Session

Designed for the more complex or severe behavioural issues including phobias and aggression.

Book Session - £395


We believe in letting our results speak for themselves. You can browse some of our most recent client stories below.



Here are just a few testimonials from our clients and customers of Parkview K9.

Tracey Warren

8th February 2020

5-star service from Adam, my dog ted pulls on his lead so much it hurts your back and shoulders, it wasn’t enjoyable walking him. Adam took control of Ted straight away, the advice and support from him was great. From advising me I was using the wrong type of lead to engaging Ted to walk beside me. Ted is very treat or toy orientated and was a pleasure to walk after the advice from Adam,. Great service from Adam who is very caring and I trust him with Ted 100%.

Robyn Tegan Wigham

10th February 2020

So lucky to find Adam, my puppy Merle loves him and his training is going amazing. Massive thumbs up, would recommend him to anyone.

Callum Lord Laskey

21st June 2020

We had a 2 hour session with Adam for our 10 month old Belgian mallinois who doesn’t like other dogs. Before hand we didn’t know where we were going wrong / right to correct this behaviour but now we are confident and know exactly what we need to do to fix the problem as Adams instructions are clear, which is like a weight off the shoulders. Adam is really friendly and knows what he’s doing and cheap at the price. We saw great progress in the 2 hours we spend with Adam, by the end of the session my dog was lying comfortably approx 2 metres away from his dog which was amazing for us! Could not recommend him enough, so pleased with his service thank you again.

Matthew Ross

21st June 2020

We had our first session with Adam yesterday to work with our 3-year-old Rottweiler, who is reactive to cars and has barrier frustration with other dogs. Within a couple of hours Adam had taught us how to build on our existing knowledge, to help address the problems; with the techniques practiced using his own dog and a nearby road. We came away feeling much more confident in how to keep working on the problems but now feel we can address them in the long run. Highly recommend and will be going back to work on heelwork and other ‘fun’ dog training – not just problem stuff! Thanks Adam.

Abbey Shaw

24th August 2020

Our training session with Adam was so helpful for us. We had been having some issues with our Bella being reactive towards other dogs, pulling on her lead and us generally just not knowing how to handle her in those situations when being reactive towards another dog. Adam was very quick to pinpoint what we needed to do to handle Bella’s reactivity and showing us the right collar to use and how to lead correct Bella when pulling on her lead. Now that we have a lot more knowledge from our session with Adam we feel a lot more confident taking Bella for walks knowing how to handle her reactivity towards other dogs. 100% recommended Adam to anyone needing help with dog training.

Elizabeth Pringle

1st July 2020

We had a half day session with our Dalmation Buddy yesterday who was having problems greeting other dogs after being attacked while on his leash. The training went really well and I would highly recommend. Once again, thank you!

Linda Laurie

31st August 2020

We were looking for a reputable experienced trainer to help us with Nina’s dog reactivity and environmental sensitivity. Before contacting Adam I read his website and every post, review, comment and video on Facebook and was very confident we’d found the right person to work with.

Nina is an amazing, well-bred and lovely natured dog, amazing recall, great loose lead and heelwork (most of the time), but due to thinking we were doing the right thing when she was a puppy by taking her to a weekly playgroup (worst thing we ever did in hindsight) unfortunately she was over socialised resulting in major hissy fits when she’s on the lead greeting other dogs, as she wants to be off the lead to play.

We had an invaluable half day session with Adam, who is very passionate about his work and clearly his dogs are his life not just his work. Adam is very approachable, down to earth and non-judgemental, thank you!

We’ve worked immensely hard with Nina and we made amazing progress with our trainer in all other aspects of Nina’s training, although our engagement with Nina is fairly solid but we’d not been able to break that barrier with the reactivity after trying a number of methods.

Introducing stooge dogs into the training has been extremely beneficial coupled with gentle quick correction with the right timing has shown us that balanced training applied correctly has a positive impact.

I’d always been apprehensive as we’ve always followed non-aversive positive reward-based training, however, I don’t consider what we achieved in our session was in any way aversive and the positive rewards far outweigh the minuscule correction. When I say correction, it’s not even that, it’s lead communication without force.

Anyone reading this who is struggling, you can use balanced training in a very positive way without force. I’m a member of a number of groups where they are very anti-balanced training but I’ve been shown today that it can be applied positively.

Thank you Adam, we had a fantastic session and loved meeting your beautiful dogs.

Claire Evans

12st August 2020

Adam was absolutely incredible from the word go. He immediately knew what was causing Kovu’s issue and at first just let Kovu get used to his surroundings, investigate where he was and generally just be himself (this involves a lot of shouting at other dogs, lunging, pulling. Anything to escape his leash to get towards them) 1 very simple adjustment from Adam and I felt like all this time I’d been very stressed and at a loose end with an otherwise beautiful and well-behaved lad could have been solved with ease. The right advice and the right trainer goes a long long way and Adam has restored peace and given us some fantastic ways to build a fantastic relationship with our dog!
After trying every other method – I thought I had run out of options and immediately Adam sorted a long-term problem in roughly 5minutes of handling Kovu. The bond Adam shares with his stooge dogs is absolutely incredible to see and you can tell how much time and attention he has put into everything he does.
Like many others, I really can’t thank Adam enough for his time and advice. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone, whether that’s for basic heelwork or even more complex issues, his knowledge is incredible, and will be able to give you effective and efficient advice to get it right first time around.

Rebecca Appleton

17th October 2020

Honestly, I can not praise Adam enough for the work he did not only with my dog but educating me too, what I’ve tried to do in 2 years Adam cracked within 2 minutes. Both myself and my dog have a lot of work to do but with the knowledge and support from Adam and his partner Lauren I’m sure we will be able to crack this, I know my dog will never be ‘perfect’ but he will do just fine for me… thank you again for today Adam, someone it absolutely shattered after a busy day.

Faith Elisabeth Lucy Richardson

28th October 2020

We brought our two puppies to Adam after months of them getting worse on the lead and around other dogs. After just 4 hours with Adam our puppies were behaving impeccably. We walked them today as Adam taught us and the difference just a day later is incredible – it was the first time in a long time we’d actually enjoyed walking them.
Can’t recommend Adam enough, he’s super knowledgable and doesn’t make you feel judged or like you’re doing wrong. He gives you such easy to follow instructions I feel totally confident continuing training at home.

Jemma Jay

10th February 2020

After struggling to walk my dog Chase for some time due to him pulling constantly and being reactive to everything, I booked a training session in with Adam and it is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Fantastic value for money, Adam was very knowledgeable and spent lots of time explaining things and demonstrating them to me over a 2 hour period. Chase is now so much calmer when I walk him and responds much better to me when asked.

Would definitely recommend booking in with Adam for all your dog training needs.

Shirley Gowman

12th February 2020

My mam rehomed a little Sheltie and she’s the most nervous little thing ever, constantly barks and won’t settle on any walks. That’s until I got Parkview K9 in to get some advice on training and her barking and he was absolutely great. Although it’s a long journey however. The training has been great and things are going a lot better and couldn’t thank him enough, would highly recommend.

Donna Hope

24th March 2020

We took our Sargent bear here just over a week ago as we were at the end of our tether with his naughty behaviour, ridiculous barking at other dogs, leash pulling and just thinking he’s the boss of the house, we are so happy with his progress so far within the first 2 hours of training he was a few feet from another dog without a care in the world walking on a loose leash the last couple of hours he had the best fun playing with toys, Adam listened to all the things we were struggling with and explained where we were going wrong and showed us what to do going forward. We are looking forward to a better future now and I’m not dreading going out on walks, we are keeping up what we’ve been taught and are slowly seeing great progress thanks again yous are amazing would highly recommend.

Sharni Kaur

27th June 2020

I’ve had my GSD since he was 8 months old. He turned out to be extremely reactive to people and dogs. I’ve tried a few trainers and a GSD shelter who couldn’t get anywhere near him. Today is the first day a trainer who actually knows what he is doing managed to touch and work with my dog. Grateful you are close by and looking forward to booking more sessions.

Lawrence Kirby

28th July 2020

Visited Parkview K9 after a friend of mine had recommended Adam. Our puppy Nala is only young but we wanted some guidance on leash pulling. Adam talked us through the fundamentals and then coached us through the process. Results were visible within 10 minutes. I was eager to take Nala out when I got home and use everything I was taught and can honestly say it was a pleasurable walk. Adam was great throughout and highly knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again!

Kirsty Silks

15th August 2020

I visited Adam for a half day session as I’ve been having reactivity issues with my German Shepherd Vinnie. Vinnie was a rescue who’s been with us for approx 1.5 years. He’s got the most amazing personality but he’s so reactive with other dogs. We’ve been attending a German shepherd training group and he’s improved greatly with the dogs he’s familiar with however he was still reacting to new dogs we met.
Adam witnessed this behaviour as soon as Vinnie saw one of his stooge dogs and immediately showed me how best to deal with it. Within no time he was walking past the dogs and not reacting at all. The best thing was the way Adam explained why Vinnie was behaving the way he did and how my actions would have such a big impact, thus reducing his reactiveness over time. He also saw a side to Vinnie and suggested we try our hand/paw at some dog sports as this would be a great way to channel Vinnie’s huge levels of enthusiasm and give him a ‘job’ which would mentally stimulate him whilst having fun. So we did just that and have been attending a local IGP club which Vinnie is taking to brilliantly.
The techniques I learned from Adam are now incorporated into daily life with Vinnie which has massively improved the bond between us, which in my opinion is the best outcome of all.

Mark Bambi Mather

16th August 2020

Had my dog Bear there just over a month ago. Very reactive with both other dogs and people. Established that him always pulling on the lead was one of the major factors to it. Spent time working on techniques to get loose leash walking and also some corrections on his reactivity. 6 weeks later, the leash walking is still loose and the reactivity is so much better. Got so much out of the session and once the reactivity is sorted may book in for more training and guidance on other things such as recall. Fantastic service from Adam and so down-to-earth and knowledgeable. Was really a pleasurable half-day.

Julie Merrilees

18th August 2020

Brilliant, fantastic trainer. Diesel responded brilliantly and I now know how handle my fella (German Shepherd)..thank you so much I learned a lot and I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

Nicky Hodgson

15th August 2020

Really can’t recommend highly enough! After one session I felt so much more confident in handling Frank; what I’d perceived to be major issues were actually quite easily sorted…..once you know-how! Adam is so knowledgeable and is able to impart that in a way that makes perfect sense and is easy to put into practice.

Angie Swann

16th August 2020

Adam is a fantastic trainer who has helped guide me through some handling elements and some reactivity (barrier frustration) with my rescue boy Kaiser. Adams handling not only with Kaiser but also his approach to helping me be a better handler was fantastic. So much information and so much achieved in such a short space of time. Although this behaviour along with other basic obedience is something I have been working on since March this year, Adam’s additional advice and guidance gave me a further hurdle to aim for allowing Kaiser to hopefully be more relaxed enabling him to enjoy his space more so. Looking forward to our next session!

Jade Wilkie

19th October 2020

A Staffy that pulls typical eh!! Had a 4 hour session with Adam and within a week I have been able to walk him to his favourite place and back with minor corrections and enjoyed every minute of it. Can’t thank him enough, also learned ways to play and interact that I had not used before!!!! Fab would recommend to anyone been to many training sessions and never seen such quick responses won’t be going anywhere else. Thanks very much!

Julie Matheson

29th October 2020

Had a great training session with Adam. He knows what he’s doing and had some great advice. Thank you Adam.



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