Chase the Cockapoo

27th February 2020
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Chase the Cockapoo

Today we had this sweet boy in for his first ever session with us. Jemma desperately needed some help with his reactivity, leash pulling and general disengagement from her, particularly in the presence of other dogs.

We started off with some foundational exercises to get his focus back on Jemma first and foremost. By using directional work, rewarding eye contact and checking-in, we were able to dial down his anxious behaviour and get his attention back on us.

Tackling his leash pulling was essential before we began counter-conditioning his response when around other dogs. Being at the end of the leash, paying no attention to Jemma, and allowing him to make unnecessary decisions for himself was ultimately leading to him making poor choices.

After some desensitisation work with one of our stooge dogs, Chase showed such amazing progress we decided to turn it up a gear and take him to the park. As you can see from the video his level of engagement, loose leash walking and lack of reactivity after such a short time speaks for itself.

Jemma and Chase have gone from avoiding walks completely (an all too common reality for owners with reactive dogs) to having a new lease of life and the confidence in knowing how to support each other when life throws a curveball.

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