27th February 2020 adamwil

Training Doesn’t Need To Be Boring


Sometimes the impression owners have of training is that it involves sitting in a drab community hall or standing in a muddy field waiting to take your turn doing some sit-stays. It’s no wonder many people want better trained dogs but simply never make the leap towards actually doing something about it.

Training should be fun for both you and your dog. You should use what motivates the dog to work with you, whether that’s food, toys, treats or attention. You should decide what it is you’d like your dog to learn and choose behaviours that’re enjoyable for you to teach.

In this short clip Panzer is working on her heelwork, sits, downs, recall, impulse control and confidence building. It didn’t take an hour, it wasn’t boring, and there was zero frustration if she didn’t get it right.

Enjoy your dog. Enjoy your training. Enjoy your life.

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