Skype Consultations

24th March 2020
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24th March 2020 adamwil

Skype Consultations

Due to the latest governmental advice on all businesses who aren’t providing ‘essential’ goods and services to key workers, we, like many others, will cease trading until we’re advised to do otherwise.

Unfortunately, this has meant rescheduling appointments for those of you who already have bookings with us. On the bright side, this unprecedented time at home with our dogs means we can all work on some of the issues we otherwise might not have the time for in our regular day-to-day lives (see previous post about Coronavirus Isolation).

In every single training session we do, there are always a host of questions by owners like – our thoughts on a particular training method, why do some dogs display strange behaviours, how do we train our own dogs to do certain things, and whether something they’re doing with their dogs is good or bad for them. We all have questions we’d love the answers to.

While we’re in lockdown and waiting for this all to blow over, we will be providing our Skype Consultations for just £30. We can discuss any issues you’re having, what’s necessary to fix them, what the dog is likely thinking and feeling, what’s caused it, how to train particular things, answer any burning questions you have, and whatever else you may like to go through.

For those who have a pre-paid session already we are more than happy to have an additional Skype Consultation for no additional charge while we await further guidance from the government.

Drop us a message to discuss a suitable time and we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation with you.

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