There’s More To Dogs Than Just Walking Them

30th March 2020
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30th March 2020 adamwil

There’s More To Dogs Than Just Walking Them

Most people almost fall down dead when I tell them that I don’t take my dogs for a ‘walk’.

Taking the dog for a walk to most people typically means letting their dog pull them through the streets as soon as they’ve left the house, getting to a field where they run from dog to dog and pay absolutely no attention to their owners who’re screaming and shouting from a distance, eventually coming back once they’ve had their fun. Finished off by a nice stroll home when they’re exhausted and too weak to pull, if they’re lucky.

Does this sound familiar to you?

One of the top three questions I get asked is ‘How do I get my dog to pay attention to me while we’re out walking?’ And the answer is simple… Be more fun.

If your dog pulls you around, pays no attention to you, or has poor recall, they simply value you less than they value the walk.

Rather than thinking you’re taking the dog for a walk, think about how you’re both going for a walk and what would make it more exciting for both of you. Chase your dog around, go and find some obstacles, play with a ball or tug, scatter food around the grass so they can go and find it, use a flirt pole, roll around with them, splash around in some water.

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