Teething Is A Rough Time For Puppies

2nd April 2020
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2nd April 2020 adamwil

Teething Is A Rough Time For Puppies

Like human children, puppies lose their baby teeth to make room for adult teeth to appear. During this time their gums will be sore and they’ll seek out chewing in order to soothe the discomfort.

Some breeds appear to be worse than others (with GSD’s being particularly bad) and it’s something people seem to overlook when getting a puppy. Breed-specific groups are full of people who’s image of having a puppy has been shattered because ‘my puppy keeps trying to bite me.’

It’s really important to acknowledge the pain and discomfort they’re experiencing and provide them with sufficient and appropriate chew/teething toys to manage this period (typically up to 8-months-old) Otherwise, your hands may certainly pay the price.

Here’s a list of some of the things we use and can recommend with our own puppies:

– Cold/Frozen Carrots
– Bulls Pizzles
– Rabbit Hide Rolls
– Apples

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