Fletcher The Labrador Retriever

4th May 2021
4th May 2021 adamwil

Fletcher The Labrador Retriever

Fletchers owners got in touch to get some help with his reactivity towards other dogs and general over-excitability when out and about.

As is typical with an adolescent Yellow Labrador, Fletcher absolutely loves life and everything in it. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body and ultimately just wants to be everyones best friend.

When Fletcher arrived there was a load of stuff happening in the environment and he was a bit all over the place. Within minutes we had him engaged, not pulling, non-reactive and loving life.

His owners have already done a load of work so far with his training and it really shows. He loves to work for food (typical Labrador) and has really nice engagement with the handler. This makes painting a new picture other than reactivity considerably easier.

With Fletcher it was really just a case of learning to read his body language better, knowing when to interrupt his fixation, when to let him be a dog, and what to actually reward for.

Really enjoyed this one and his owners are reporting a massive change in his reactivity already.

Good work guys!