Luna The German Shepherd

4th May 2021
4th May 2021 adamwil

Luna The German Shepherd

Luna’s owners contacted us for help with her reactivity towards other dogs. Reactivity is a behaviour we see multiple times a week and really is a behaviour that requires a professional pair of eyes to see what exactly is going on and why.

After assessing Luna it was clear that the reactivity was coming from a place of frustration. In other words, Luna wanted to approach other dogs to play, and because she was restrained on a leash she would become highly frustrated and begin barking and lunging.

We covered the leash handling basics, ensuring Luna’s owners could keep Luna on a nice loose lead, engaged and in a listening state of mind. Luna picked this up super quick and was quickly understanding what we wanted from her. A big part of her reactivity was really stemming from a lack of training and understanding that specific engagement principles bring rewards.

After we had Luna into a clearer headspace we started exposing her to our own dogs, slowly decreasing the threshold distance over time and Luna did absolutely amazing.

Really positive session and fantastic work by Luna and her owners. No doubts at all that Luna is now on the right path and we look forward to seeing how she progresses moving forwards.