Ozzy The German Shepherd

4th May 2021
4th May 2021 adamwil

Ozzy The German Shepherd

Today we’ve had Ozzy in for a follow-up session to see where they’re at and pushing him further forwards with his training. His owners are packing up and moving to USA to start a new life there, so they wanted to go over a few things in preparation for the big move.

Ozzy had originally came to see us due to his lack of confidence, nerve and reactivity to people and other dogs. He’d frantically pull his owners around, kick off at anything he seen and try to jump back into the car and escape at the first possible opportunity.

Now only a month forwards and his reactivity, confidence and environmental sensitivity has already improved drastically. By giving very clear and consistent handling and guidance, it removed the need for Ozzy to be a decision maker and ultimately just make poor decisions.

Due to being a lockdown puppy, Ozzy’s issue lies with people in close proximity so we spent the session painting pictures of greetings and beginning to condition a better response to your typical interactions with others.

Such a big move is going to be stressful for anyone, but this is especially so for our dogs. Once they’re settled in their environment and routine, changing these constants can create quite a bit of stress, particularly with young or nervous dogs. So, we finished the session going through ways to help make the transition easier for Ozzy to help reduce any unnecessary problems.

Good luck with the big move guys and all the best in your training moving forwards!