Roxy The Belgian Malinois

4th May 2021
4th May 2021 adamwil

Roxy The Belgian Malinois

We met Roxy back in January after her owner reached out for help, as they were experiencing a host of puppy problems typically associated with a Malinois.

After our initial meet we were concerned about Roxy’s lack of confidence and environmental nerve/stress at such a young age, so we went over what would be needed moving forwards to address and improve that.

Last week Roxy’s owner called us in a bit of a panic after having a couple of aggressive instances with men in particular. So we got her to come back in to take a look for ourselves and see what exactly was going on.

Her owner was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near her and that she’d bite us, and you could see how apprehensive and almost jumpy she was when it come to get the dog out.

We got Roxy out the car and went for a little walk to observe where her head was at and what their relationship was looking like.

There was some pulling and not as much engagement as we’d ideally like to see, but what shocked us the most was the level of improvement in Roxy’s environmental nerve/stress. When she first come to see us she was almost constantly on the back foot, barking at absolutely everything, timid and jittery. Since Roxy’s owner has really been putting in the work to expose her to more in the environment, her capacity to deal with her emotions has improved drastically.

We moved straight on to tackling her response with men and after she’d initially kicked off at us within probably minutes we had her taking food, walking to heel, giving eye contact, obedient and increasing in trust. As she was so ace we worked on implementing physical touch, adding strange behaviours, and how to deal with panic and active stress.

Next we took a look at her response with other dogs and although there was some apprehension/nerve there, the majority of her response was coming from frustration. A couple of handling tweaks and again completely calm, responsive, non-reactive.

Roxy is a really lovely little dog that has improved an unbelievable amount already since we first met her. Now with a few tweaks and improvements to her owners handling and confidence, she can begin to push her training further along and continue to build Roxy’s confidence moving forwards.

Good work today guys, really enjoyed this one! Always a Roxy sized space with us if you ever decide she’s too much for you!