26th August 2021
26th August 2021 adamwil


At 12-months-old Blu was rescued by the police after being abused by his previous owner who had left him locked up and starving. He was taken in as an emergency foster by his new owners and described as being like a wild animal.

After working with other trainers and behaviourists but not receiving any meaningful results or insights, Blu’s owners reached out to us for some well needed support for him and the issues they’re experiencing.

Because of his experiences with his previous owners he’s very fearful and anxious around people, particularly men. On top of that he’s also badly reactive with other dogs and will redirect onto his owner in the process of trying to get control of him, leading to them needing to wear thick heavy duty gloves to protect their hands.

We went through our assessment process with Blu and got to work identifying where his behaviour is stemming from, what the underlying emotions are, what we need to be doing at the other end of the leash to control and support him, building relationship and trust when out in the environment, and using play to build focus.

By the end of the session Blu was able to function without issue around people and our own dogs. Something that has previously been unheard for him. He still has a journey ahead of him to begin repairing and reconstructing the issues his owners are experiencing, but he’s heading in the right direction at an unprecedented speed.

The amount of work his new owners have put into him since rehoming him, and their continued support and commitment to getting him better is inspirational. Blu hasn’t been an easy dog since day one, but we don’t allow a few negative aspects to destroy what’s otherwise a cracking dog.

Good work guys and we’ll see you again soon.