26th August 2021
26th August 2021 adamwil


Today we’ve been working with Enzo and his owners on how to get the very best out of our dogs and avoid problem behaviours rearing their head further down the line.

We work almost exclusively with problem behaviours that have commonly been caused by lack of training, or ineffective communication. It’s considerably easier to prevent problem behaviours from becoming habituated than it is modifying them once they’ve become engrained.

In Enzo’s case his owners have put some awesome work in with him so far and are enjoying the process as they go. We spent our day going through learning theory, the importance of markers and rewards, recall, taking their relationship up a gear, setting clear boundaries, and the importance of micro interactions.

It’s so important that we teach owners how to be successful without having to depend on a trainer to hold their hand for longer than necessary. As trainers we only have access to a clients dogs for as long as they’re able to work alongside us, but by teaching owners the what, why and how, we’re able to set them up for success moving forwards.

Enzo’s a fantastic example of the breed and will make a great family dog for them. We’ll be working alongside them in the future to help bring them up to speed with his obedience and control, but with owners as committed as his, we know their progress will have no limits.

Great work guys, see you again soon!