26th August 2021
26th August 2021 adamwil


Today we’ve had this sweet little lady in with us for some help with her leash pulling, reactivity towards other dogs, and general anxieties.

We got out on a walk with Izzy and her owner to get a feel for the dog and see what exactly was going on. It didn’t take long to get an understanding of where the issues were stemming from, and like in the majority of cases, it was really just handling and lack of clear communication.

We got to work on teaching Izzy how to walk calmy, focus and engage with her owner, and control her emotions in the presence of multiple dogs and real life scenarios. In no time at all she was walking beautifully and in a calm and relaxed state of mind for her owner.

In many cases the state of mind the dogs is in is largely enabled by a breakdown of effective communication between dog and handler. When we begin to treat walks as fun for the dog and a chore for us, the dog begins to assume the focus of the walk is external rather than internal. This then leaves dogs to become independent from us, over-stimulated by the environment, and frantic at the end of the leash.

Moving forwards Izzy’s owner will be getting her back out and about with new confidence in handling and the abilities he needs to communicate and navigate future walks with her. Good work guys.