26th August 2021
26th August 2021 adamwil


Remus’ owners contacted us to get some help with his reactivity and distrust towards people, particularly strangers.

After having a few instances of people getting too close for comfort, Remus has found himself in a position where he has used aggression to create space for himself and his owner. This can quickly become a learnt behaviour as aggression creates space, and space builds confidence.

It should go without saying, but if you see a man walking an enormous Cane Corso down the street and tells you he doesn’t want to be petted, you should really listen to them. It’s always the people who say ‘I’m great with dogs me’ that cause the most problems.

Remus’ has also had a boat load of surgeries which certainly doesn’t help if he’s feeling sore and has limited mobility. Luckily his owners have gone absolutely above and beyond for this dog and set him up with the best care and nutrition possible.

We spent the session going over how to greet people in a way that shows clear intention to Remus, and how to address his behaviour when he makes a bad choice. Luckily Remus is actually a very sweet and polite dog and if given the chance he will gladly choose peace.

Remus’ owners are just about as good owners and clients as you could ask for. They’ve put so much time and effort into training and care and our hats go off to them. Keep up the good work guys and see you again soon!