26th August 2021
26th August 2021 adamwil


We predominantly work with problem behaviours in dogs like reactivity and aggression, but we always love getting to work with young puppies like Ruby.

Ruby’s owners contacted us for some basic puppy training and to ensure they were heading in the right direction with her. They’d already been putting a load of work in laying the foundation for her basic obedience and commands which is great to see.

After maybe a little too much fun and socialising with other dogs we could see the early signs of reactivity brewing under the surface in Ruby. Being unresponsive in the presence of another dog, lunging towards the end of leash and vocalising are all indicators of a potential problem being around the corner.

In Ruby’s case she was beginning to get herself frustrated when she could see a dog and wasn’t able to run over to them on her own terms. Many owners in this scenario would just let them off leash to run up to the other dog because it stops the dog behaving negatively, however all it really does is reinforce and compound the problem even further.

We spent the rest of the session going through how to prevent the reactivity from forming, how to build a strong relationship with Ruby through training and play, and addressing other small issues like jumping up and recall.

Ruby is a really lovely little dog with plenty of energy and willingness to learn and train which is always great to see. Couple that with proactive owners who’re keen to learn and you have yourself a winning recipe.

Great work guys!