26th August 2021
26th August 2021 adamwil


It was a cold and wet one, as we had our first session with Ruby the Shipoo. We were also joined by Jonny from Marjax K9 Trainers, as we have been starting to work more closely over recent months.

Ruby is 10 years old and reactive towards dogs – which could be quite intense once she got in full flow! Hats off to Ruby’s owners for still wanting to work with a trainer, even though Ruby is 10. It’s a myth that old dogs can’t be trained – it may just take a tad longer, due to the duration in which a behaviour has been practiced over the years – in Ruby’s case, she has been reactive for around 8 years.

Ruby has seen trainers before but their advice was the typical turn away and avoid approach many try to implement. However with most cases of reactivity and aggression, there must be a balance between handler and dog. We need to be clear what exactly we do and don’t want.

We began teaching Ruby lead pressure, marker words and essentially gearing her up for work around dogs, as we needed to ensure she was walking to heel calmly and engaged, with a clear understanding of what was expected.

Once we then moved onto dog work, incorporating the control and handling with the problem behaviour, we were onto a winner. Ruby was able to greet multiple dogs and walked past around 9 dogs with zero reaction. She did great.

Good dog training is simple dog training, and you can certainly train an old dog new tricks.

Good work guys.